Sunrise organizers hold signs reading "Invest in the People of DC" and "Defund MPD Refund DC"

Sunrise DC's Guiding Principles

These principles reflect our values as a hub and guide every decision make and action we take. We are a local hub of the National Sunrise Movement, but we've evolved our organizing to serve our local context and reflect our lived reality in D.C., the place we call home. This updated list of our guiding principles is a result of our work, and we are proud to embody them.

1. Sunrise Movement DC is an abolitionist organization, meaning that we believe in the abolition of all oppressive structures and the rebuilding of a new world that will liberate all people, with a focus on transformative justice.

2. We are anti-racist, anti-capitalist, and anti-imperialist.

3. We center, support, uplift, and protect Black, indigenous, POC, femmes, queer, trans, disabled, unhoused folx, and all other marginalized groups. We learn and grow from their experiences, knowledge, and practices that will ultimately lead us to liberation.

4. We work with climate justice  on an intersectional* basis– recognizing that climate justice is racial justice, disability justice, class justice, and we look to BIPOC folx for guidance on how to protect, repair, and sustain this planet.

5. We are a movement built on mutual aid and people power. We believe that every person should have a guaranteed right to clean water, air, food security, housing, healthcare, and so on. Our relationships with each other and within the community are above all else—we keep us safe.

6. We fight for and alongside people from all paths of life.

7. We take initiative.

8. We build with other movements and organizations that align with our goals, values, and principles.

9. We demand land back for Indigenous people and reparations for Black and brown people.

10. We inspire and encourage youth to step into their power as leaders and take initiative to break the generational curses before them.
*When we say intersectional, we mean that all systems of oppression are always present—together. No oppressive system is higher up than any other; this recreates the systems we are trying to abolish and further this erases Black femme oppression (see Professor Kimberle Crenshaw).